Pig Price and Pig meat Market Report Week Commencing March 5th 2012

At a recent Pigs Committee meeting, Bord Bia presented a very positive outlook for the pig sector.  Although France dropped back 3c/kg this week, most EU countries remained static this week.  French prices had risen to over €1.70/kg last weekend even with this drop, they remain ahead of most other countries.  The UK spot price did move and farmers in Ireland are very disappointed that the 4c/kg that was taken out of the Irish pig price back in October has still to be recouped.  For the week ending February 25th, the EU average price increased by 3c/kg to €1.61/kg.  Ireland’s percentage of the EU average for the same week dropped to 93%.

Factory pig throughput in Republic of Ireland export plants for the week ending February 25th, 2012 was 54,826 which is 1,505 head more than in the previous week and 1,119 head more than in the corresponding week in 2011. Pig slaughterings are now running at 6.3% ahead of the previous year.

Export Plants:  On a flat rate basis mostly 152 – 156 cent/kg in Dawn and Rosderra Meats between 150-156 cent/kg.  Welfare bonus is at 2 – 6cent/kg to different producers

Pork Slaughters: The price range is from 154– 160 cent/kg.


Sows 80 – 100c/kg DW.


Weekly Slaughterings:  Week-ending 25/02/2012     Pigs: 54,826 Sows: 2,106


Irish price                                            €1.46/kg.

EU–27 average price                          €1.61/kg.

(Grade E pigs – 55% to 60% lean meat excluding VAT but including transport and bonuses).

Pig prices reported to IFA week commencing 05/03/12

Rosderra        €1.50/kg – €1.56/kg

Dawn              €1.52/kg – €1.58/kg

Pork Sltrs.      €1.54/kg – €1.60/kg


UK prices rose this week.  Bord Bia presented a very positive outlook to the IFA Pigs Committee last Friday on the volume of QA pigmeat being sold at retail level. They also highlighted the move by consumers from beef & lamb to pork. However a graph also showed how Irish prices year to date are 11% behind the EU average.  The largest processor dropped prices by 4c/kg in October 11 and have failed to reinstate this price despite very positive signals from home and international markets.

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